Titanium Dioxide

ATR-312, a high-quality rutile type titanium dioxide, is a versatile material that has a wide range of applications in various industries.


  1.  Paints: ATR-312 is widely used in both aqueous and solvent-based exterior paints due to its high brightness and excellent dispersion. It enhances the opacity and coverage of the paint while improving its weatherability.
  2.  Plastics: ATR-312 is used as a whitening agent and a UV absorber in plastic production. It can be used in a variety of plastic applications, including PVC, PE, PP, and ABS.
  3.  Rubber: ATR-312 is used as a reinforcing agent in rubber production, improving the durability and strength of the rubber.

Regulatory Information

  1. Printing ink: ATR-312 is used as a pigment in printing ink, providing a bright and consistent color.
  2.  High-quality paper: ATR-312 is used in high-quality paper production, providing a bright and consistent color while improving the opacity and printability of the paper.
  3.  Waxed paper: ATR-312 is used in waxed paper production, providing a consistent and bright white color.
  4.  Masterbatch industry: ATR-312 is widely used in the masterbatch industry as a whitening agent and a UV absorber, improving the color and durability of the final product.

Technical Data Sheet

Process: Produced by sulfate process
TiO2 content (%): >= 92%
Rutile crystal content (%): >= 98.2%
CIEL*: 98.00 min
Relative tinting strength (%): >= 100
Matter soluble in water (%): <= 0.4
Oil absorption (g/100g): 17-22
Water extracted PH: 6.5-8.5
105 C loss 105 C (%): <=0.5
Residue (45um, %): <=0.05
Water extracted resistivity : >= 80
Inorganic Treatment: Alumina
Organic Treatment: Yes
Note: *Tested by Konica Minolta’s CM-3500D

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