Relene [PE]

Relene has revolutionized the packaging industry with its wide range of applications, including woven sacks, milk packs, oil packs, and wire ducts. Reliance’s state-of-the-art polyethylene (PE) manufacturing technology includes the world-class "Sclairtech" Solution Polymerisation from Du Pont and other top-tier technologies from Basell, Ineos, Polymeric Europa, and Total Petrochemicals.

Reliance Polymers offers the entire range of Polyethylene (PE) – High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Linear Low-density Polyethylene (LLDPE) and Low Density

Polyethylene (LDPE), each designed to meet the highest international standards. These polymers are exported to Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

HDPE grades are specially designed to meet demanding applications like high-pressure pipes, telecom ducts, carrier bags, woven sacks, and injection and blow-moulded products.

LLDPE grades are used extensively in speciality films, milk and edible oil packaging, lamination films, cast films, stretch films and other applications like rotational moulding and injection-moulded products.

LDPE grades find extensive use in heavy-duty films, lamination films, extrusion coating and moulding applications.

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