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PBAT (Polybutylene adipate terephthalate) filler refers to the incorporation of filler materials into PBAT polymer matrices to modify and enhance certain properties of the resulting composite material. Filler materials are typically inorganic substances that are added to polymers in varying concentrations during processing. The choice of filler and its loading level can significantly impact the mechanical, thermal.

Types of Fillers

  1. Mineral Fillers: These are typically inorganic materials like calcium carbonate, talc, or silica. They are added to PBAT to improve stiffness, reduce cost, and enhance dimensional stability.
  2. Fiber Fillers: Natural fibers like wood, flax, or hemp fibers can be added to PBAT to reinforce the material, making it stronger and more durable. These composites are often used in automotive parts, construction materials, and consumer goods.
  3. Glass Fiber: Glass fibers can provide even greater reinforcement and stiffness to PBAT, making it suitable for more demanding structural applications. Glass fiber-reinforced PBAT is used in industries like automotive manufacturing.
  4. Nano Fillers: Nanoscale fillers like nanoclays or carbon nanotubes can be used to enhance the mechanical properties and barrier properties of PBAT, as well as to improve its thermal stability.
  1. 5. Bio-based Fillers: Fillers derived from renewable resources, such as starch, cellulose, or lignin, can be incorporated into PBAT to enhance its sustainability and biodegradability.
  2. 6. Color Fillers: Inorganic pigments or dyes are sometimes used as fillers in PBAT to impart specific colors to the material, making it suitable for various applications where color is important.
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