Reon (PVC)

Reliance Industries Limited is a leading manufacturer of suspension grade Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) in India. With a wide range of viscosities, Reliance ensures that the resin quality is consistent and top-notch. The company has adopted the EDC/Ethylene process, which is acclaimed globally, to maintain the quality of their PVC products.

Reon is highly versatile and finds extensive use in various sectors. In the agriculture sector, Reon is used to manufacture rigid pipes and fittings, flexible tubes, and hoses. In building and construction, Reon is utilized for making doors, windows, partitions, floor, and wall coverings. The packaging industry benefits from Reon's use in the production of bottles, containers, and blister packaging. In electrical and electronics, Reon is used to make wires, cables, and electrical conduits. The healthcare industry benefits from Reon's use in the production of blood bags, tubing, heart catheters, and IV fluid bags. Reon's high-quality properties make it an excellent material for making toys, sports goods, and footwear in the consumer goods sector.

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