Recycled Plastics

Reprocessed/recycled plastic granules are a sustainable solution for minimizing waste and reducing environmental impact. These granules are made from recycled plastic waste material during the manufacturing process of various products. By reusing plastic waste, these granules contribute to the circular economy by keeping materials in use for as long as possible.

Reprocessed granules come in various colors and can be produced using the same equipment by separating waste plastics by color and size. These granules are in high demand by manufacturers of plastic products and can be used to produce packing covers, carry bags, buckets, mugs, and other items. With such versatile uses, the scope for recycling used plastic scrap to produce granules is enormous.

PP polymer granules, in particular, are an excellent choice due to their light weight, high temperature resistance, good chemical resistance, excellent rigidity, no stress cracking, and high tensile strength. By incorporating reprocessed/recycled plastic granules into your manufacturing process, you can reduce your environmental impact while still producing high-quality plastic products.

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