Calcium Carbonate + PP

Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is often used as a filler in polypropylene (PP) to modify its properties and reduce costs. characteristics depend on various factors such as the particle size, loading level, dispersion, and processing conditions. Here are some common characteristics of calcium carbonate-filled PP.


  1. Improved Stiffness: Calcium carbonate acts as a reinforcing filler in PP, increasing the stiffness and rigidity of the composite material. This can be beneficial for applications requiring structural integrity and dimensional stability.
  2. Reduced Density: Calcium carbonate has a lower density than PP resin, so incorporating it into PP formulations can reduce the density of the composite material while maintaining volume. This can lead to weight reduction in the final product, which is advantageous in applications where lightweight materials are desired.
  3. Enhanced Dimensional Stability: The presence of calcium carbonate in PP can help minimize shrinkage and warpage during processing, improving the dimensional stability of molded or extruded parts. This is particularly important in applications requiring tight tolerances and precise geometries.
  1. 4. Improved Heat Resistance: Calcium carbonate can act as a thermal insulator, which may improve the heat resistance of PP composites. However, excessive loading levels of calcium carbonate can also reduce the heat deflection temperature of the composite material.
  2. 5. Cost Reduction: Calcium carbonate is less expensive than PP resin, so using it as a filler can reduce material costs, making the overall production process more economical. This cost reduction is especially significant in applications where price competitiveness is crucial.
  3. 6. Opacifying Effect: Calcium carbonate can improve the opacity and whiteness of PP formulations, which is beneficial in applications where aesthetics are important, such as in packaging or consumer goods. This opacifying effect can help mask the inherent translucency of PP.
  4. 7. Impact on Mechanical Properties: The addition of calcium carbonate can influence various mechanical properties of PP composites, including tensile strength, elongation at break, and impact resistance. The specific impact depends on factors such as particle size, loading level, and dispersion.


  1. Automotive Parts: Calcium carbonate is often added to PP to manufacture automotive parts such as bumpers, dashboards, and interior trim components. The addition of calcium carbonate improves the stiffness, impact resistance, and dimensional stability of PP, making it suitable for use in these applications.

  2. Packaging: Calcium carbonate-filled PP is commonly used in the production of packaging materials such as containers, bottles, and films. The addition of calcium carbonate enhances the rigidity and strength of PP, allowing for the production of lightweight yet durable packaging solutions.

  3. Building and Construction: Calcium carbonate-filled PP is utilized in the building and construction industry for various applications including pipes, fittings, profiles, and sheet materials. The combination offers improved mechanical properties and weather resistance, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor construction applications.

  4. Furniture: PP filled with calcium carbonate is used in the manufacturing of furniture components such as chairs, tables, and cabinets. The addition of calcium carbonate enhances the stiffness and scratch resistance of PP, making it suitable for furniture applications requiring durability and aesthetics.

Technical Data Sheet

Thickness ASTM D374 Micron 18, 20
Yield JPFTM m /kg 62.19, 55.68
Grammage JPFTM gm/m2 16.08, 17.96
OPTICA >1000
Gloss – Uncoated Matte side (at 45° ASTM D2457 gardner <10, <10
Lamination temperature JFTM °C 100-120, 100-120
Treatment at Extrusion coated side ASTM D2578 Dyne/cm 44, 44
Treatment at Uncoated Matte side ASTM D2578 Dyne/cm 40, 40

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