Bopet And Bopp Films manufacturer

Looking for a reputed BOPET and BOPP films manufacturer in the market with a robust production system that can meet high demands year after year? Polstar at your service!

BOPET and BOPPare two different variants of films used mainly for packaging, lamination, and labelling applications depending on the specifics of the requirement put forward by the user. With the increased demand for various consumer goods ranging from food, household items, electronics, and vehicles, the demand for films also increased since its needed to keep the products safe from scratches and dents for storage and transportation purposes. Companies such as Polstar work round-the-clock to meet the ever-increasing demand for BOPET films while maintaining the supply chain and quality of the finished products.

Leading Manufacturer of BOPET and BOPP Films Providing High-Quality Products

Incorporated in 2015 as a partnership concern, we began our journey as a hub for raw materials serving the ink, plastic, and rubber industry. Over time, we have diversified our operations and added more raw materials into our portfolios such as Calcium Carbonate, Titanium Dioxide, Filler Masterbatch, and Carbon Black among others. In 2019, we were designated as the exclusive supplier of packaging films for Jindal Polyfilms Ltd which enabled us to expand our capabilities and open more opportunities to us. Our driving force is our commitment to the trade which pushes us to do our best and deliver solid results for our clients as one of the top BOPET and BOPP films manufacturers in the market.

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Bopet And Bopp Films  manufacturer