Polybutadiene Rubber

Polybutadiene Rubber (PBR) is marketed under the brand name, Relflex Cisamer, it is an international quality product, with high Cis content, has high elasticity and is resistant to dynamic stress, thus ensuring longer product durability.

Quality of Relflex Cisamer PBR is benchmarked with global manufacturers linked to the standards of International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers (IISRP). World class manufacturing facilities (Cobalt and Nickel grades) are located at Vadodara, Gujarat with a combined capacity of 80,000 metric tonnes per year.

A state of the art Nickel/Neodymium based swing plant with capacity of 40,000 metric tonnes per year has been commissioned at Hazira, Gujarat, thus making Relflex a unique brand offering Cobalt, Nickel and Neodymium based synthetic grades.

Major application for PBR include tyre treads, tyre carcass and sidewalls, under-treads, cycle tyres, conveyor belts, sportswear, golf balls, automotive components, conveyor belts and shoe heels and soles. PBR is also well suited for the production of flexible rollers and mechanical goods due to its superior elasticity, resilience and abrasion properties.