PET Chips

PET Chips, otherwise called Polyester Chips or Polyethylene Terephthalate Chips is the base of a plastics and polymer. Contingent upon the handling, PET may exist both as a shapeless (transparent) generally known as Bright or Super Bright Chips and as a semi-crystalline material regularly known as PET Semi-Dull Chips PET (polyethylene terephthalate) chips are created by granulating polyester obtained in a polycondensation reaction of pure terephthalic acid and monoethylene glycol. They are utilized for textile applications and are supplied to the yarn- producing industry in semi-dull, full-dull and super- bright finishes.

Mainly PET Chips are categorised into three grades – Textile grade, Bottle grade and Film grade.

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Textile-grade polyester chips are used for making the Polyester Filament yarn like POY, FDY and Staple fibre. The Yarn grade (Textile grade) chips are available in Super Bright, Semi Dull, Cationic Semi Dull & Cationic Super Bright PET Chips.

The Bottle grade chips are used in Mineral Water Bottle grade and CSD grade (soda grade) varieties, distilled water, drinking water, flavoring and candy containers, PET sheet material. Features of bottle grade PET Chips are low processing temperature, wide scope in processing, excellent transparency and high in finished product rate.