BOPP Films

Jindal is the largest manufacturer of BOPP Films in India. It offers full range of BOPP Films from 7 to 70 mic including transparent, heat sealable, non heat sealable.solid white, matte, pearlised, label bopp, opaque, release films, tape and textile films and metallised bopp film with current capacity of 251,000 TPA.

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  • Excellent Matte Appearance
  • Excellent Contact Clarity
  • Very Good Slip and Antistatic Properties
  • Very Good Anchoring of UV Curable Inks and Coatings
  • Excellent Anchorage of Lamination Adhesive on Treated Glossy Side
  • Excellent Machinability
  • Suitable for Various Lamination Machines
  • Lamination of Printed Paper Boards / Posters / Book Covers Etc. Where Excellent Matte Appearance is required

Fillers such as talc and calcium carbonate and pigments are added to BOPP film to provide a pearly aesthetic look and improve optical properties. Pearlised BOPP film finds application majorly in cold drink packaging such as ice cream packaging, biscuits, sweets, and flavour snack packaging. The advantage that pearlised BOPP film provides other films is it can be used as a monolayer for packaging or as a component of multilayer film suitable for overprinting. The rapid increase in demand for flexible packaging solutions plays a crucial role in increasing demand for the pearlised BOPP film market. Pearlised BOPP film is Ultra Violet (UV) resistant provide excellent stability over the wide temperature range and high mechanical strength.

Applications of Pearlised Films:

  • Food - Frozen food, Bakery, Confectionery, PET food
  • Household products
  • Consumer Goods
  • Personal care and Cosmetics

Non Heat Sealable Films

  • High Surface Gloss and Transparency
  • Excellent Clarity
  • Excellent Surface Treatment Retention
  • Excellent Anchorage of Inks and Lamination Adhesive on Treated Side
  • Excellent Machinability
  • Very Good Barrier Properties
  • Suitable for Various Printing / Lamination Machines

Applications of Non Heat Sealable Films:

  • Book Covers Etc. This Film Is Also Suitable for Cold Seal Application
  • Reverse Printing and Lamination for Packaging Applications, Lamination of Printed Paper Boards / Posters / Book Covers Etc.

Heat Sealable Films

Heat sealable films are specialty multi-layered shrink films that are used for packaging products which require higher heat levels than traditional flexible films.These films are made with an exterior coating that inhibits the core of the film from melting. This prevents damage to the film during the heating process. Generally speaking, the core is either polypropylene or polyethylene. Additionally, there is a layer of sealant inside the film. This sealant features a lower melting point than the rest of the film and allows the seal to stay intact. This results in a tightly sealed final product.

Applications of Heat Sealable Films:

  • Snack Food Packaging - This may include flexible packaging with see-through heat sealable film windows and bagging for dried fruits and vegetables, granola bars, and similar products.
  • Ovenable Heat Sealable Films And Bagging For Roasting And Cooking - These include applications such as pre-made frozen meals, which can be placed directly into the oven or microwave for hassle-free meal prep and cooking.
  • Lidding - Lidding films are usually utilized as an additional protective packaging layer between the product and the cap of plastic food containers. These films are used for packaging food items such as soups, beef, poultry, pork and dairy products like yogurt and cottage cheese.
  • Tubing - Heat-sealable tubing is a flat plastic tubing that is formed onto a roll. Heat sealable tubing is often cut into sleeves. These sleeves are known as shrink sleeves. The sleeves are what's actually used for packaging products. Heat sealable tubing is used for packaging various consumer goods. These may include plastic or glass bottles, flag poles, fishing rods, and other similar items.
  • Protection And Reinforcement For Glass Surfaces - Heat sealable films can be used to laminate glass to reinforce the strength of the glass and protect it's surface.

BOPP tape film is extensively used for self-adhesive tape applications. Flame treatment is preferred on such films to retain the surface treatment for longer periods.


Textile BOPP film is also used for packaging of textile garments like shirts, sarees etc. Textile films are generally transparent in nature and printed in selective applications only. Packaging for bulky items like blanket etc requires high seal strength. Tape and textile films are generally treated on one side only.

Heat Sealable Metallised BOPP Film

Heat Sealable Metallised Film for Single / Two Ply Packaging Structure

  • Excellent Surface Gloss on Metallised Side
  • Very Good Water Vapour and Gas Barrier Properties
  • Excellent Adhesion of Aluminium
  • Very Good Anchorage of Lamination Adhesive on Metallised Side
  • Very Good Metal Bond Strength
  • Very Good Lamination Bond Strength
  • Excellent Machinability
  • Very Good Hot-Tack and Seal Strength

Non heat Sealable Metallised BOPP Film

Lamination with Paper / Paper Board for Various Applications like Disposable Paper Plates, File Covers, Leaflats etc. Gift Wrapping Applications, Other Decorative Applications

  • Excellent Surface Gloss on Metallised Side
  • Very Good Water Vapour and Gas Barrier Properties
  • Excellent Adhesion of Aluminium
  • Very Good Anchorage of Inks on Metallised Side
  • Very Good Metal Bond Strength
  • Excellent Machinability