Woven Fabric

Industrial settings place a high importance on strong, durable fabrics. Industrial woven fabrics are frequently used by manufacturers because they are strong, practical materials that are needed for products like outdoor furniture, sports equipment, and safety gear. These fabrics combine traditional weaving techniques with high-performance contemporary threads to produce some of the most cutting-edge products on the market.

Because of their adaptability and these advantages, woven fabrics are being more widely used in a variety of industries, including consumer goods and medicine. Examples of the diverse applications of industrial woven fabrics include:

  • Filtration materials and membranes for chemical processing
  • Oxidized fuel cell materials
  • Friction materials, such as for automotive applications
  • Seat belts and safety harnesses for automotive, aerospace, and recreational applications
  • Upholstery for furniture
  • Personal protective equipment and uniforms used by firefighters, divers, and military personnel
  • Components of structural composite materials, such as those used to reinforce aircraft